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     In a dystopian future, megacorporations exist as nations unto themselves, dominating all aspects of daily life.  A brave few soldiers of fortune dare to seize their freedom by violent means.  But facing down a corporate army means striking fast from the shadows and disappearing faster.  That’s what the riggers of Exit Vector specialize in.


     What’s A Rigger? You are, my friend! Riggers are expert pilots who control vehicles and drones through a direct link between the brain and a vehicle’s operating systems – allowing them to operate vehicles with a level of speed and precision not matched by traditional controls.


     The Exit Solutions app is like an Outlaw Uber. And you’re the Outlaws. Jobs range from infiltration, exfiltration, direct attacks, a distraction for a bigger job, extracting personnel or information, or whatever someone is willing to pay for.

     Join your fellow pilots for a VIP transport, delivering a team to a target building or a hot extract of a team under fire.  Or work against each other in a battle to see who can complete the objective first.


     Kick on the afterburners and dodge buildings while avoiding or taking out AAA corporate drones and city law enforcement roto drones, or hack them and sleaze your way toward the target, but don’t let them get a lock on before you can get out of dodge.

     Exit Vector is built from the ground up to be a flexible tool for any gaming group, whether it’s as a stand-alone tabletop board game or integrated into a role-playing game as a vehicle combat simulation.  


     The mechanics are rules agnostic and compatible with multiple different systems like ShadowrunCyberpunk, and even Starfinder.  Quick to set up, easy to play, and scalable to the level of complexity preferred by your group, it’s the aerial combat simulation you’ve been waiting for!

     In Exit Vector, characters will shoot, scoot, sleaze, and stabilize their aircraft over the course of a game session to meet specific objectives.

     Actions in Exit Vector are resolved through Tests. To determine the result of a test, a player or GM will roll an Action Die (1D6) and use the result to add or subtract from the modified rating of a core attribute. If the result meets or exceeds the threshold for the test, the test succeeds!

     Exit Vector gameplay is based around a Combat Round – a three (3) second period of time where each character will take their allotment of actions in sequence. Within a combat round, each character gets a Turn to move and take action.

     The GM and each player will roll 4d6 for each character. Add up the numbers rolled and add the result to the character’s Drive (D) rating. The result is the character’s Initiative score. The character with the highest initiative score will act first, the second highest initiative score acts second, etc. Any ties in initiative are won by the character with the higher Drive rating.

     The actions available in Exit Vector are ShootScootSleaze, and Stabilize. Riggers get two (2) actions on their turn and can choose any combination of the available actions – including two of the same action. Non-Riggers (Drones and Pax) get one (1) action on their turn.

     After each action, players and the gamemaster will immediately apply the effects of any Attack, Sleaze, and Stabilize Actions to the appropriate condition monitor. Any characters who crash are immediately removed from the board. Any character undergoing a system reboot loses their next turn and immediately descends one level of altitude.

     Join us over the unforgiving skies of the near future. Our Kickstarter will be coming to an electronic device near you in 2024.

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